Cultural Experiences


As future leaders, we continually strive to build stronger ties with our communities and the individuals within them. It is through this understanding that we grow and develop broader worldviews that will shape and support our lives. We celebrate our history through traditions that honor the past while serving the future. Activities in our chapter include learning about different cultural dances and what they mean, experiencing different cultural cuisine, and finally visiting places of cultural interests in the Austin area.


Cultural Experiences are an important part of the NCL Lake Austin Experience.  Lake Austin Ticktockers focus on Architecture or Gardens or Multicultural Cuisine, as well as Fine Arts in their early years.  As part of these experiences the Ticktockers focus on the art of etiquette, friendship, positive self-identity, manners and valuing differences.  In 9th and 10th grade the girls focus on Performing Arts with special effort towards how to be a gracious host, personal style, conflict resolution, conversation skills and respectful dating skills.  As 11th graders the Ticktockers focus specifically on the Visual Arts with emphasis on college visit etiquette, poise and presentation and developing core values.  Finally, Lake Austin Seniors are given an opportunity for a Class Choice as their focus while they work on letters of support, poise and presentation and Senior recognition.